The hardest part about trying to draw fanart of Nerdcubed is hIS HAIR HoW DO YOU DRAW FOOF HOW DO YOU DRAW FOOFY HAIR LIKE NERDCUBED AND DADCUBED HAVE

We can’t buy yachts but we can buy lego. So, that’s all the money you need in life

Daniel “NerdCubed” Hardcastle (via totallytman)


dan nerdcubed reblogged my thing?? am i alive? yes. am i shaking? yes. my idol reblogged my video can we please like write this in history? first jesse cox then dan nerd cubed i have no words thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou


My dash is dead as dicks, and I need to sooth my craving for fandoms, so, if you post/reblog any of these things, reblog or like this post and I will follow you!

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  • OfficialNerdCubed

Won’t be active for about a week because we’re going to a Holliday cottage. With no wifi.