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Madam... your beauty does not deserve to be minimised to three letters. Your beauty is something I could write a book, and a sequel to that book, and a prequel to both, and a load of miniseries about massively more interesting characters in those books, and a tv show that people agree is better watched after reading the books, on. You deserve songs and sonnets written about you, m'lady. Songs and sonnets that could drive men to tears! However, anon only allows for 500 characters, so... UNF!

Wow… Thank you so much!

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do you ever miss the older nerd cubed? He's still really good but I miss when the nerd plays series was really just the good bits, and not just because he was a little lazy or felt that people wanted longer videos so he didn't cut them up as much, idk it might just be me that doesn't like it as much anymore.

No I totally agree with you, I prefer the editing style and the humour to how it is now. Dan is still a hilarious YouTuber and I’m sure since he’s settling down in a new country his videos will get closer to being how they used to be.

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Unf (why unf?)

I have no fucking clue. But thanks

(I was thinking that it might be an abbreviation but all I could think of was u nice face, which didn’t make much sense.)